Metrolink Accident in SFV

There are already many reasons as to why I don't ride the metrolink. I'm not saying that it's not a good way of public transit, but after this reading this article, it makes me worry even more. Not that busses are any more safe while plowing through LA Traffic. This article reminds me how human error is always a possibility and that no matter where you are there is always danger somewhere around you.


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Many condolences to all the effected families. It's a tragedy that something like this has happened and I have a feeling it may cause a bad imprint on trying to revive public transit out here in LA once again.
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Hail all public transit riders and the people who love them,

 RE: Today's 'quake

   In all this, anyone know how the subways**, Blue Lines, the Orange Line, and the other rail systems held up? (I missed the 6pm newses..) It was the biggest 'quake to hit since any of these services had been built, and i hope it all scored an A+.

**apart from the Metrolink system,
    which apparently closed down a 
    few tracks due to either inspections 
    or actual damage found. 

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I was perusing through a travel guidebook for LA yesterday and came across a little note that said no one walks there and trying to do so is basically impossible. Now, I know obviously that the transit system is available, but I assume there's some walking involved with it. Is walking really not much of an option?
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Is there a way I can take a bus to the Getty Center? My friend & I don't drive and we're planning to take a trip there tomorrow. If it helps I live in the Miracle Mile area. I tried to look on but apparently there's no way. I am assuming the only way you can get there is by car, but please tell me is lying to me :(
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Taking Long Beach Transit for the first time,

Currently I live in Compton.

Up to 2 months ago, I lived in the San Fernando Valley, but due to my job assignment with my temp agency ended, I had to moved back down here. I am still seeking employment and in the mean time I will be collecting Unemployment benefits until then.

That being said. I took a trip today to the Long Beach Transit headquarters for a job application as a coach operator.

I have previously been on other municipal bus lines within the county for example, Culver City, Gardena, Torrance, Santa Monica and Foothill but had never been on the Long Beach system, until now.

So I get the 205 going South to the Artesia Blue Line Station where I transfer to the Blue Line and get off @ Anaheim Station. There, I get the Long Beach Line 46 to the LBT Administrative offices.

One thing I noticed is that LBT has next bus information at some of the bus stops, pretty much the same that MTA has on the Orange Line but I have a feeling theirs is more accurate.

Another thing I noticed once inside the bus is that drivers have the option of wearing the standard issued uniform or they can use what look like a Hawaiian shirt.

The standard fee is .90 cents as opposed to the $1.25 for MTA.

Other than those things there was nothing unusual or note worthy except for some of the pictures I took along the way.