dogofthefuture (dogofthefuture) wrote in la_transit,

Quick decision time!

I gotta pick up my bike at the repair shop this afternoon. The shop is in Hollywood at Western and Romaine. I'm coming from Pasadena on the Gold Line. Once I hit Union Station, what do y'all think is my fastest/easiest option?

1) 704 from Patsouras to Santa Monica & Western
2) Red Line to Hollywood/Western, 207/757 to closest stop
3) Red Line to Wilshire/Western, 207/757 to closest stop
4) Red Line to Santa Monica/Vermont, 2/704 to Santa Monica & Western

I think #3 is a bad idea right now - isn't there still construction at 1st and Western? I'm guessing, though, that it's going to be about a half-hour trip no matter what I do. Anybody have any thoughts?

Update: It sort of turned out to be a moot point. I'd decided to take the 704, but after hoofing it out to Cesar Chavez/Vignes, it turned out that apparently the 704 doesn't pick up there. At least, there were no signs for it anywhere. Also, I needed to pee. So I trundled back in to Union Station and availed myself of the facilities near the newspaper and snack stand there, whereupon I made a command decision to just go ahead and walk down and catch the Red Line.

Which turned out just fine - the train to Western and Wilshire came about one minute after I got downstairs, and once delivered to the end of the line the 757 showed up approximately like 45 seconds after I got above ground. The detour turned out to be no big deal due to a very aggressive driver, and I was able to get my bike well before the shop closed and cruise on home.

If anybody knows exactly where the 704 does pick up at Union Station, by all means let me know, though I doubt I'll have much use for it any time soon.
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