Judes (stochasticgirl) wrote in la_transit,

Do I smell a challenge??

If any of you are familiar with the Chicago El, you might know that every year, CTA employees volunteer their time and money to deck out one of the El trains as the CTA Holiday Train. btripp posted this great picture and description in the chicago_el community:

If you've never had a chance to ride the Santa Train ... the interiors are all decked out, including "funny ads" (and Elf-centric jokes), special upholstery, and "helpers" handing out candy canes! This is an annual volunteer project by the CTA workers, who decorate and run the train on their own time ... which is a nice "gift" for their riders.

Later on, someone comments, "They're never going to do something like this in LA's transit system, I can tell you that, so enjoy it for what it is... ;)"

Okay, so maybe our Metro employees wouldn't do it, but does anyone want to sneak onto one of the light rail trains and decorate a car with me? I can bring the tinsel and get some of those signs made. Let me know if you are interested!
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