It's been five years since the last LA Bunny Hop... It's time again. I got a wild hare and decided to gather all you down bunnies for a day of bar-hopping good times... by metro ofcourse. Keep your ears up for more updates.

1. Dress for the occasion.
2. Prepare for an easter egg hunt. Bring goodies or something to carry goodies.
3. Follow the LA Bunny Hop on twitter. Stick with your bunnies, but the "schedule" is open to liberal interpretation.
4. Invite all the bunnies you know.

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Dancing Fuzzles

Transit question!

Hello, everyone!

So I'm usually very good at knowing the transit, but I'm trying to figure out if I have some options in this regard.

I'm going to have a part-time gig in the Playa Vista/MDR area at American Intercontinental University, which is by the intersection of Jefferson/Westlawn (or Jefferson/Centinela, major street wise). I'm coming from Santa Monica/Vermont.

So far, it looks like the only options I have for travel are going south on the Vermont bus to Slauson and taking the 108 or 358 West that goes to MDR, or going south on the Vermont bus to Jefferson and taking the 110 West that terminates in Playa Vista.

The above route is fine for going to the job, but for coming back I'm wondering if there's a way to get a different route, since I'm not sure how regularly the Vermont bus runs the later at night it gets and I won't get out until 8:30 in the evening. Also, it would be awesome if I could somehow get a Culver City bus from that area to get directly to Santa Monica Boulevard and just take that across.

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Getting to CalArts on the cheap

What's the easiest and/or cheapest way to get to CalArts in Valencia? Let's say I'm starting from downtown's Union Station.

Is it via bus? subway? Metrolink? Some combination of all three? Which would be the best method if I need to make the return trip late in the evening?

Thanks in advance.
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Quick decision time!

I gotta pick up my bike at the repair shop this afternoon. The shop is in Hollywood at Western and Romaine. I'm coming from Pasadena on the Gold Line. Once I hit Union Station, what do y'all think is my fastest/easiest option?

1) 704 from Patsouras to Santa Monica & Western
2) Red Line to Hollywood/Western, 207/757 to closest stop
3) Red Line to Wilshire/Western, 207/757 to closest stop
4) Red Line to Santa Monica/Vermont, 2/704 to Santa Monica & Western

I think #3 is a bad idea right now - isn't there still construction at 1st and Western? I'm guessing, though, that it's going to be about a half-hour trip no matter what I do. Anybody have any thoughts?

Update: It sort of turned out to be a moot point. I'd decided to take the 704, but after hoofing it out to Cesar Chavez/Vignes, it turned out that apparently the 704 doesn't pick up there. At least, there were no signs for it anywhere. Also, I needed to pee. So I trundled back in to Union Station and availed myself of the facilities near the newspaper and snack stand there, whereupon I made a command decision to just go ahead and walk down and catch the Red Line.

Which turned out just fine - the train to Western and Wilshire came about one minute after I got downstairs, and once delivered to the end of the line the 757 showed up approximately like 45 seconds after I got above ground. The detour turned out to be no big deal due to a very aggressive driver, and I was able to get my bike well before the shop closed and cruise on home.

If anybody knows exactly where the 704 does pick up at Union Station, by all means let me know, though I doubt I'll have much use for it any time soon.
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South Bay - Woodland Hills?

Hi everyone!  Hopefully you can help me out.

What would be the best way for me to get from Redondo Beach/Torrance to Pierce College in Woodland Hills via transit?

I'm considering taking classes there this fall, but I'm not sure of my schedule yet. Chances are I'd want to get there around 8 a.m.

Skirball by bus?

There was a post a while back about getting to the Getty by bus. How about the Skirball? It looks like the 761 bus stops nearby. I'm wondering how the walk is to the entrance?

Because of a bad experience I had (took the bus to an interview in Woodland Hills and had to wait at a bus bench that was more or less under a giant bush) I'm leery of taking transit to hillside locations.
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need your help

Hello, it's my first post here and I really need your help. Hopefully, people still read this commutiny despite the lack of posts since November....

The thing is my friend and I will stay in LA for two weeks starting next Thursday. We won't be renting a car and I've already printed all the important bus routes from But I was wondering if it would probably be easier to get to places by underground than by bus? In this case could you tell me the nearest underground stations to the following locations (or give me a link where to look):

Universal Studios
LA Zoo
Beverly Center
The Grove
La Brea Tar Pits

Also, we are planning to go for a walk in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. What are the most convinient stations to exit for that? And to go to Venice Beach?

Probably, you'll also have other suggestions of places to see in LA and how to get there :))) We booked a bus tour to get the general idea of what the city looks like but it would be really nice to explore some places more thorough.


PS: Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language.

Do I smell a challenge??

If any of you are familiar with the Chicago El, you might know that every year, CTA employees volunteer their time and money to deck out one of the El trains as the CTA Holiday Train. btripp posted this great picture and description in the chicago_el community:

If you've never had a chance to ride the Santa Train ... the interiors are all decked out, including "funny ads" (and Elf-centric jokes), special upholstery, and "helpers" handing out candy canes! This is an annual volunteer project by the CTA workers, who decorate and run the train on their own time ... which is a nice "gift" for their riders.

Later on, someone comments, "They're never going to do something like this in LA's transit system, I can tell you that, so enjoy it for what it is... ;)"

Okay, so maybe our Metro employees wouldn't do it, but does anyone want to sneak onto one of the light rail trains and decorate a car with me? I can bring the tinsel and get some of those signs made. Let me know if you are interested!
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Lost phone!

I apologize that my first post in this community is to ask for a favor, but I'm desperate.

I left my phone on the 304 Metrolink to San Bernardino. I got off at Claremont.
It's a black samsung messenger with a sliding keyboard.

If you find/found it please hand it to a conductor or any metrolink official at LA Union, it'll get back to me because I've reported it lost.

I know this is a long shot, but on the off chance one of you found it I'd love to get it back.
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(no subject)


I recently got a court summons and fine on the San Bernardino line because I could not present my ticket (I lost it).

It's $250.00. Is there any kind of appeal I can make to get out of this? It was my first time riding the Metrolink (I only recently moved to Claremont) and I didn't get a receipt.