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For Non Blondes aka U-nIn-9-sIx-6

Hail all public transit riders and the people who love them,

 RE: Today's 'quake

   In all this, anyone know how the subways**, Blue Lines, the Orange Line, and the other rail systems held up? (I missed the 6pm newses..) It was the biggest 'quake to hit since any of these services had been built, and i hope it all scored an A+.

**apart from the Metrolink system,
    which apparently closed down a 
    few tracks due to either inspections 
    or actual damage found. 

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..and thanks to everyone for your inputss in the other posts. 
Cheers; here's looking forward towards The Next One! =:~) 

...meanwhile, on the set of the show "Judge Judy": (2 clips total)
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